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In the latest episode of GoodWill Yunting, we get to sit down with GFunk and Virtunaut of Pixel Vault to talk the much hyped and anticipated projects of MetaHero and PunksComic. GFunk helps break down the complex mechanisms employed by Punk Comic to add game theory and value to its holders. Alpha is leaked on Issue #2 of PunksComic and how the DAO will help shape its future. We then dive into MetaHero and all the exciting things coming to that project such as the MintPass, minting, and video game. We discuss the various DAOs involved in MetaHero and how…

Greetings once again frens. As you may have noticed we’re officially switching over from the “Punks Comic Monthly Round Up” to the “Pixel Vault Monthly Round Up”. Since I started writing these Pixel Vault has grown from a small shop that put out a sweet comic to a full blown company working on multiple cool projects. OK, so with that house keeping out of the way lets dig into the month that was. You ready anon?


Ringers #924

I first heard about Art Blocks via a friend of mine months back in Discord. The pitch was pretty simple: cool generative art (code is used to ‘paint’ the art) made by cool artists at affordable prices. On top of that, Art Blocks itself has a fierce commitment to on-chain generation as well as a tiered curation system, making it well positioned to capitalize on the archival nature of fine art at the museum level. …

Yunt Capital was lucky enough to have on Daniele Sesta, a lead developer for Popsicle Finance and Abracadabra, two boundary-pushing protocols in the space. Once Dani hopped on the mic, he was itching to take GoodWill Yunting’s coveted crown of Biggest Alpha Dropper, and he succeeded. Dani starts with his ideas on how Popsicle will be the protocol for all your DeFi and portfolio needs. He dropped alpha on Popsicle V2 and his vision for the future of Popsicle and liquidity management. We move on to the protocol Abracadabra where Dani discusses some of the projects in the works to…

How prepared are you anon?

Computer Pepe shares his backup seed phrase to a hood hacker Pepe because his discord DM said to do so

From near-weekly protocol exploits to Discords imposters there are plenty of shadowy hackers out there looking to drain your hard-earned shitcoins and shitpics. Here at YC, we’re no strangers to these risks and it’s why we take security very seriously. With the markets back up and NFTs on a real tear now is as good a time as any to re-evaluate your own op-sec. Here are some tips for keeping your funds safu as we (hopefully) continue to see numbers go up.

Never Ever Ever Share Your Seed Phrase

No, really. Never do this ever. Never share your seed phrase with anyone…

GWY is back with a super special episode, Yunts of the Round Table. Once every few months, a group of Yunts will gather to take your questions and talk all things crypto. This episode is a great way to learn about YC and get updates on all things crypto and DeFi. This week, our incredible host Rouge joined by Sath, MetaRegular, and ThiccFarmer aka CMO, to break down your favorite topics such as DeFi, NFT, hacks, and all things Yunt Capital. This episode is full of alpha spanning the entire market, so don’t sleep!

If you enjoyed the episode…

Shadowy, faceless super coders are after your JPEGs! Time to secure them.

I keep seeing the same questions come in various Discord servers: should I use a hardware wallet? How do I set it up? How do I transfer my NFTs? To answer this first question: YES. You should absolutely be using hardware to secure your most prized JPEGs. I consider this table stakes for collecting. That said getting everything set up the first time can be nerve wreaking! Below is what I hope will be a useful guide for setting up a new hardware wallet with MetaMask and then transferring your NFTs to your new address via OpenSea. …

Diamond Hands, artwork by fvckrender, appearing on the Pixel Vault DAO token. LFG!

As always there was a ton going on with Pixel Vault this month so we’ll dispense with the banter and just jump right in!

The Firm

In this episode, we’re joined by two of the youngest and brightest minds in DeFi, Jai and David from Rari Capital. We get into their stories as youths in the DeFi space and how that’s helped and hindered them along the way. After we dive into what exactly Rari Capital is, the specifics of the products it offers, and in typical GWY fashion, exciting alpha leaks. The conversation evolves from there into a talk about the future of DeFi and crypto in general, regulatory outlooks, and the future of the world economy — spoiler alert, it doesn’t look great. …

New day, new project. More like ten or twenty new projects though, amiright? Log onto Twitter and catch any number of CT NFT influencers shilling some new bag. Shit! These people know things. They make money. I should probably ape into this shitpic right? It’s still cheap, what’s .2E for a couple new copypastas? No way I can’t make money on this. Look at insert yesterdays copypasta here! The floor for that shitpic is already a 5x, I am definitely gmi!

Does this sound familiar? If you have spent any amount of time in the NFT community over the past…


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