BEW For Emissary Prime

Hey frens 👋! For those of you who don’t know me I am BEW (@0xBEW on most platforms). Here are a few details about me, the JPEG.

  • I like the cards. I have been playing Magic: The Gathering for the better part of two decades. I used to play competitively (Modern) but now mostly stick to grinding the draft ladder on Magic Arena. My favorite format is Legacy Cube and my favorite card is Thoughtseize.

Ok now that you know the anon behind the JPEG a bit better here is what I can bring to the table as Emissary Prime.

  • I understand how to build from scratch and scale systems. I am a self taught software engineer that has spend my career working in data and backend engineering. Since learning enough Python and Java to be dangerous and convincing my first mentor to take a chance on me I have worked for startups of all sizes and for one of the largest media and streaming companies in the world. I have built software from the ground up to handle novel use cases and I have scaled software via cloud providers to handle millions of requests.

I live my life by a simple mantra: strong opinions, loosely held. What this means to me is that I should always put in the work to have an informed view on a given topic. However, I should never presume my understanding is the best or the most complete. To the voters I commit to always putting in the work to have an informed view on whatever challenges we’re tackling at Echelon. To my fellow candidates for Emissary Prime I commit to always keeping an open mind and doing my best understand your points of view. There are a number of truly gigabrain candidate for Emissary Prime and I am honored to run alongside you all.

Thanks for the consideration.




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