Echelon Prime Candidate Q&A

Where does EP rank on your list of priorities? What obligations do you have outside of Echelon?

What are some short and long term goals for Echelon as EP?

  • Short Term: Release $PRIME! First and foremost releasing $PRIME will expand governance and begin to shift power towards the broader community. In order for Echelon to release $PRIME we’ll first need to make any adjustments necessary for proper tokenomics and usage of $PRIME-generating assets, as well as locking-in snapshot dates. Additionally we need to ensure that staking contracts for PrimeSets and Parallel TCG cornerstone NFTs are all properly written, audited, and functioning. All of this work should be done ASAP.
  • Long Term: Create a clear distinction between the Echelon Prime Foundation and Parallel Studios. EPF should be regarded as the distinct and separate entity that it is, not an arm of Parallel Studios. A big component of this will be onboarding other games into the PRIME ecosystem. Ideally these other games will not be developed by Parallel Studios. Echelon is meant to be a play-to-earn platform, and Parallel Studios is meant to be a game development studio. Cementing this distinction is important to the long-term goals of EPF.

Are there any policies that you wish to see enacted?

How do you think about building checks and balances into the governance structure at Echelon?

How should EPs be compensated for good conduct? How should they be held accountable for bad conduct?

How do you think about managing the transition of power from Prime Key holders to $PRIME holders?

How do you think about adjusting $PRIME initial allocation, if at all?

How do you think about adjusting the function of assets, if at all?

The first expansion of the Parallel Alpha set, Planetfall, hints at further expansions as the TCG grows
  • Masterpieces: The incentive to complete PrimeSets of SE and FE Parallel cards and stake them for $PRIME will have a material impact on the volume of cards traded on the secondary market. As Masterpieces (MPs) pull their sole revenue stream from these secondary market sales this PrimeSet staking has an outsized impact on these cornerstone NFTs. To mitigate this impact while still rewarding PrimeSet stakers I propose taking 0.5% of $PRIME emissions from the 2.00% allocated for PrimeSet staking in the latest Metaregular, RebelSpy and 4LL proposal and shifting it to a sink for MPs. All staked MPs would draw from this sink equally, creating a duel emissions system for MPs. This compromise still keeps a solid incentive in place for PrimeSet staking while mitigating some of the negative externalizes experience by MP holders as a result of said staking.
  • The Core: While the name implies this cornerstone NFT is important to the Parallel ecosystem many investors have been unhappy with the details in the Echelon Whitepaper and Prime Proposal. An adjustment I propose is to expand the scope of cards The Core pulls royalties from to include all Prime rarity assets. This would mean secondary market sales for assets such as cardbacks, art cards, and any other Prime rarity asset would be added to the royalty pool for The Core. Furthermore, while this is outside the scope of the Echelon Prime Foundation itself, Parallel Studios could consider novel ways of including keys into the lineage system to further bolster The Core.

Wen Token? Wen Snapshot(s)?

What draws you to Parallel?

What talents/experience do you have that will benefit the long term success of Echelon?

How can Echelon help educate and onboard non-crypto natives?

How can Echelon collaborate and grow with outside parties?

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