Punks Comic Monthly Roundup: July 2021 - Diamond Hands Edition

4 min readJul 30, 2021
Diamond Hands, artwork by fvckrender, appearing on the Pixel Vault DAO token. LFG!

As always there was a ton going on with Pixel Vault this month so we’ll dispense with the banter and just jump right in!

The Firm

Pixel Vault itself had another month of crazy growth. Joining the team is the incredibly talented Josh Blaylock. Josh will work on the comics and brings with him bags of experience and plenty of talent, working on projects ranging from G.I. Joe to Operation Nemesis. Cannot wait to see what he adds to the Punks Comics! Elsewhere Beanie dropped the alpha that Pixel Vault had hired three more Solidity devs, two of which will be joining fulltime. Additionally, PV added an advisor who is ex-Activision and an exec at Twitter. The team also hired a game developer to work on the upcoming MetaHero Universe game. Previously having worked on a little game called Halo I think it’s fair to start getting a bit excited!

Finally the team confirmed that, in addition to the HQ in CryptoVoxels we’ll see Pixel Vault builds across the MetaVerse in Somnium Space, the Sandbox and Decentraland.

Ape Madness

The bonanza that kicked off last month concluded in July as our final 8 apes were selected by the community to appear in the upcoming issue of Punks featuring of course the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Huge congrats to our Elite 8!

MetaHero Universe

All month long they’ve been teasing the wonderful art for MetaHero Universe. While most of us are completely over the PFP gold rush, there are levels to this game. Aside from the unbelievable art, the Heros will be used in the forthcoming game developed by Pixel Vault and in true PV style they will be heavy on utility. While there is still no official release date for the MetaHero drop the MintPass snapshot was taken on July 15th.

MintPass, developed by Pixel Vault, is a novel approach to rewarding community. Holders of Punks Comic Issue 1 as of the snapshot time will have the ability to purchase one MintPass per comic for 0.08E. This MintPass can then be redeemed 1:1 for a MetaHero when the minting opens up. This approach both rewards the existing community and eliminates gas wars for holders of the MintPass. I cannot wait to see how this plays out! A successful launch with MetaHero could see MintPass set a standard for future projects going forward.

Burn It Or Stake It?

While the burn or stake windows are not open quite yet, the wheels are in motion. The Founds Vault DAO token has been made and revealed. The wonderful “Diamond Hands” but fvckrender could not be more apropos. Additionally, the CryptoPunks themselves have been fractionalized and transfered to the Gnosis Safe multisig wallet that the DAO will control. All of the art owned by the DAO has been transferred to this wallet as well and is viewable on OpenSea.

On the “Burn” side of things the Founders Vault was gifted Bored Ape 9004 by Ben Mayor White! Also of note was the donation of the Pixel Vault HQ in CryptoVoxels, as well as the 40E purchase of fvckrender’s 1 of 1 “Diamond Hands” that the DAO token is based on. On the “Stake” side the Pixel Vault team confirmed that unclaimed comics will be pulped down and turned into 1/1 figurines, sold on SuperRare. The profits, of course, will go to $PUNKS stakers. No matter which path you take with your comics I think wgmi.

Wen ____?

Pop into the Discord and you’ll see plenty of “wen burn?” and “wen MintPass”. While nothing has been set in stone here is what we know regarding the timeline. The burn window and the the MintPass minting window should be the next to go live. The burn window will last for 14 days while the MintPass mint window will be 7 days. This will be followed by the MetaHero redemption and public mint sometime in mid-August.

Around the same time, and after the burn window closes, the physical comic redemption will start. As August comes to a close the comic staking and the DOA should be live and as we roll into September Issue 2, featuring the Bored Apes, will be approaching release.

What a month its been for Pixel Vault and Punks Genesis Comic holders! From MintPass to Ape Madness to the fvckrender DAO token…all I can say is WOW. Pixel Vault keeps delivering value to the community in ways that continue to impress me. As rubber starts to meet the road with burning and staking I am sure Beanie, GFunk and the rest of the team have some more cool shit up their sleeve. I, for one, cannot wait to see what’s next.




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